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"Every day we are beginning to see how powerful Compassion, Understanding, and Respect of Humanity, as a whole, would be. Love isn't political, it's generational. It's transformational. It's a powerful ingredient towards a greater Democracy!"

~Dr. Undrai F. Fizer


We are in one of the most profound seasons ever! 


Join my team as we prepare thousands of constituents, both registered voters, seekers, and individuals that are new to this responsibility of Public Service, to a unique adventure in diplomacy, civility, and Humanity. Help us to not only bring in new voters, but in the inspiring of a compassionate surge in Human Ideas, Unity, and the Spirit of Cultural Resurgence. Without hope, our Vote becomes nothing but a lost right. Help me to renew the Spirit of Love for Country; the Honor of Humanity, and the Respect for ALL PEOPLE and ALL LIVES!  We are losing the masses to mere, disrespectful politics and the TIME IS NOW to awaken the Power of True Leadership, Purpose, and Wisdom in all branches of Government, Education, and Public Service!


*This IS NOT an endorsement or an alliance with a Political Candidate!

Dr. Undrai F. Fizer poses with a passionate group of retired educators after a discussion concerning salaries, benefits, and pension plans. Texas Alliance of Retired Americans, Houston Chapter


Friday, April 6, 2018 4:34 PM

Community Dialogue with Dr. Undrai F. Fizer and The Board!

Dr. Fizer is yet working for the constituents of his district, even though he lost in his first-ever bid for State Representative, TX.-126. He is proving that his spirit is yet in the heart of public service and constituent education regarding the issues that matter.  He, along with other fellow candidates who "came up a bit short" in their political bids, have formed a Community/Political Awareness alliance called, "The Board for Education, Criminal Justice, and Social Change." Together, they provide wisdom from their political experience that will help various communities to experience the empowerment of the democratic process, as well as serve as a preventative measure against crime, law enforcement abuse, and educational failings and misgivings. Together, they will hold a Community Dialogue at Resurrection Word Church, located at 14503 Bammel N. Houston Rd. Suite 220, on April 13th, at 7:15pm.


Friday, March 23, 2018 2:15 PM

Dr. Undrai F. Fizer elected President of the Cypress-Tomball Democrats

Dr. Fizer (R) is pictured with County Attorney, Vince Ryan


Dr. Undrai F. Fizer was nominated and elected President of the Cypress-Tomball Democrats, a political organization in Northwest Harris County which represents The Cypress, Champions, and Tomball areas of the county. Fizer seeks to bring more of a progressive perspective to community, constituent education, as well as powerful speakers who serve as profound, diplomatic public servants. Fizer's term is established for 2 years.

Monday, March 5, 2018 12:04 PM

Fizer speaks at Wunsche Senior High School

Dr. Undrai F. Fizer spoke to the seniors of Carl Wunsche's Medical Plaza on last week on the realities of inner-happiness and joy. He shared that a positive and empowering self-image will enable many to overcome the problems and emotional stress that stagnates many from their truest Purpose.  He will return to speak to more seniors on March 8th.

Monday, February 12, 2018 8:45 PM

Dialogues with State Rep. Candidate, Dr. Undrai F. Fizer


Dr. Undrai F. Fizer will be conducting "DIALOGUES WITH DR. UNDRAI F. FIZER" at Inner-Peace Community Church, 12774 Veterans Memorial Dr. @7PM (after Bible Study)


Resurrection Word Community Church, 14503 Bammel N. Houston, Suite 220, at 7PM


Wednesday, February 7, 2018 5:16 PM



Dr. Undrai F. Fizer received the prestigious endorsement for his campaign from THE TEXAS COALITION OF BLACk DEMOCRATS-HARRIS COUNTY. "I am totally appreciate of this honor and your trust in my endeavor. Our doors are completely open to YOU, and our COMMUNITY!"

Committee to Elect Dr. Undrai F. Fizer
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