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Are We Ready?


Have we grown comfortable in our "weariness and hopelessness?" Silent frustrations constantly bombard our souls as we struggle to maintain the predictability of our own, personal 30 day intervals of survival. Have we become "comfortable in our weariness, to the point that Change seems impossible? We cannot "make" society heal itself.  We cannot "force" Government to act differently. We must do this within ourselves, as citizens.  As common, decent people under the law of the land, and more so, the Law of Love!

Are we ready for Change? Are we ready to shift the way we personally live, perceive, and see? Are we ready to create what we have never seen before in our own lives? I believe that we still have imagination and inspiration dwelling on the inside of us. For when we change ourselves, as well as our own "inner laws," our cities will naturally follow.

For we, are the city!

Committee to Elect Dr. Undrai F. Fizer
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