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My "21 Seeds" of HUMANITY

My "21" SEEDS of HUMANITY. From this "heart," I will flow..

1. I've felt forgotten before, through the eyes of Government. I want to change that climate.
2. I've felt that my needs did not matter before, even though I'm a unique contributor to the world. I want to change that.
3. Many of us have been permanently "pigeon-holed" and inadequately "profiled." Our cultural diversity disrespected. I want to help US "shift that perspective!"
4. Many feel that the Government, regardless of political party, IS NOT TRULY LISTENING. I want to BE THE ONE WHO LISTENS!
5. Show respect to teachers and educators. Empower them. Reward them..
6. Many have no clue of the power of IDENTITY, CREATIVITY, and DISCIPLINE. I want to show them.
7. Many feel that their lives are being "exchanged" at the whims of the ELITE and HIGHER-UPS!  I know what that feels like and I want them to know that they are irreplaceable!
8. Many of us are crying for justice, simply because of our skin color. However, many of us are failing in so many ways; killing our own; fearing life while blaming others for our issues. I WANT TO ADDRESS THAT AND CHANGE THAT!
9. I want us to spiritually transcend every act of oppression, not by "screaming loud," but by CREATING UNIQUE INVENTIONS OUT LOUD!
10. I want to see new educational facilities erected and designed to help our students "establish an entrepreneurial spirit," instead of getting degrees that will not work in an ever, evolving job industry. I want us to learn how to create our own.
11. I want to hear young men and women say, "Yes Ma'am, No Ma'am. Yes Sir, and No Sir," again.
12. I want to see a new freedom of spirituality and prayer in schools again.
13. I want to see "life legislation" rather than "bail bond legislation." Re-new our lives..
14. I want us to BE THE JUSTICE that we seek.  Live honorably. If we are mistreated, or even unjustly killed while living honorably, JUSTICE WILL SPEAK FOR US AND ESTABLISH A NEW WAY.
15. I want us to raise our personal and spiritual esteem to greater heights.
16. We no longer feel the dignity and wisdom in Government, for themselves or for us. I definitely want to help change that.
17. Compassion is missing. Respect is missing. Healing those who have failed in life is absent. I want to change that.
18. There is a great divide in Humanity. There are great speakers. Great teachers. Great inspirational individuals. Yet, One-ness and a "feeling of the Universal Family" is missing.  When we feel we are "family" we will appropriate the state and national budget accordingly.
19. Corporations have established more influence than the consumers who made them legitimate and wealthy.  We need to live more powerfully. More influential. More purposeful. In our communities.
20. Our students do not need to fear dying, by the hands of another, simply because of the color of their skin, sexual orientation, or social/economic situation. I want to change that.
21. Govern from a Spirit of Love, Understanding, and Wisdom; Considering ourselves and our own humanness..

I want to help establish a global feeling of spiritual reason, character, compassion, and dignity, We can't change the hearts of every individual. But we can release a fresh, new perspective of servitude, diplomacy, and wisdom for the people. We don't need our citizens fearing a constant threat of war, "simply because we are disrespectful of others." We don't need our Elderly fearing for their lives, simply because we have counted them unworthy to live. We need to acknowledge the love, empowerment, and goodness within every cultural community, and refrain from "the petty issues" that create "intimidating political groups and divisions."

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