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Confidence in Humanity and Government

The "division of consciousness" in this country is very obvious. We can all take the superficial approach and base the divide amongst party lines, skin color, race, etc. Or, we can look within. I seek to look within. There is an under current of distrust, mistrust, and misunderstanding as it relates to life and government. We can choose to blame one another, or we can be silent, and listen to our Consciousness. In my travels and personal surveys, I see that many of certain ethnic backgrounds and cultures, DO NOT FEEL HEARD. Not in voice, but in feeling. There is feeling of hopelessness with many. There is feeling of being "left out." Many are alive, but not "connected" to a feeling of inclusion; not as it relates to "jobs" per se, but in a global feeling of consideration, significance, and meaning.  When we feel, regardless of race, "that we have no meaning," then we will listen with no meaning and behave without meaning.  Many are not choosing to vote, simply because they feel that it is a "punch of a ticket" that bears no meaning. I also believe in personal responsibility in life. I don't think, neither do I believe, that personal responsibility can be legislated. I believe that it is an issue of the heart and not in one's "skin!" We can legislate the superficial, but we cannot legislate Consciousness. I believe this is where we have gone wrong. Compassion doesn't mean to reward irresponsible living or practice. It doesn't mean to condone lawlessness.  It simply means to respect the existence of one another, regardless of where we all may be on the social/economic poll. When Government is not trusted, it will not be invested in. When communities have no confidence, it will reveal itself in crime, ugliness, and test scores. When we have nothing to believe, our doubts will naturally be seen in the energies and atmospheres of LIFE!

Committee to Elect Dr. Undrai F. Fizer
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