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This isn't going away. People will begin to "act" civil, not wanting to be "named amongst the haters, violators, and supremacists that are consuming the headlines on national television! Blatant hatred for not only African-Americans, but Jews, Muslims, or anyone "not White!" It's not going away. The underlying fusion of prejudice will remain, even though the blatant tactics may be punished. The "heart" is yet deceitful.  So, what do we do?  Do we wait for a global apology amongst Whites?  Do we wait for someone to "convince the world" of the sins of racism? 

Or, do we simply transcend it. Simply put. DO YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE?  If YOU feel, that the opinions of ANYONE who "profiles your existence, or reason for being." are relevant, then you are suffering from psychological supremacy. This "mastery" suppresses the Mind, which in turn, suppresses the behavior, which then paralyzes the LIFE! Transcend it.  Allow "people" to perceive what they will.  When YOU know Yourself, YOU WILL TAKE YOURSELF to PLACES THAT MANY ARE TRYING TO DENY YOU!  Create Your OWN SPACE OF FREEDOM.

The heart isn't going anywhere. Live where YOUR SPIRIT is Supreme.  It is the Highest Law of Life.  It's not going to stop. The Fear of those who are intimidated by your existence, doesn't solely reside with "Whites," but with "anyone" who has not yet discovered themselves. Familiarity is the worst form of prejudice. It can happen with those closest to YOU, even within your own family.


Don't be distracted by the foolishness within some of Humanity. What can YOU do?  


You probably can't "make them stop." But YOU don't have to stop BEING YOU!  Be YOU, in spite of hate..

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