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Have YOU recognized "the source" which produces long-lasting, impactful governing? Wherever there is the fullness of love, you will experience "true governing; as well as policies which establishes an atmosphere of inclusivity." When those who govern "love well, or are loved well," YOU will see the nurturing power of decision making. When a leader is despised, "his or her reasonings" will also despise. The Spirit of the City will feel the burdens of the inner hatred that rages within the heart of the "leaders!"  What is it that our government "loves?" What, or Who, is loving our "government?" When LOVE is present, the legislation takes on a powerful reality of Light, LIFE, and Longevity!  The people will prosper when LOVE abounds.

The Government will govern as it is "loved!"  ~Dr. Fizer

Committee to Elect Dr. Undrai F. Fizer
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